Our Mission

HelexZone ACN: 135 204 321 is the Security and Safety Company for today. There are three (3) fundamental questions at the foundation of Security Safety Management, questions that the whole HelexZone Team consider and understand:

1.  What are we trying to protect?
2.  Who are we trying to protect it from?
3.  Why are we protecting it?

Combining the best in our three (3) PR’s to answer the questions:

•  Personalised service
•  Performance
•  Professionalism
•  Respect for self
•  Respect for others
•  Responsibility for all your actions

Our standards are high as we strive to serve our clientele.  We do today what others do tomorrow.

Through our success, we create new traditions and a fine and lasting reputation as we challenge ourselves to provide for the sophisticated and growing needs of our evolving markets.

In achieving our objectives of providing a quality security service, we shall endeavour to exceed our responsibilities towards ensuring the well being of our clients, its employees and the environment.

We will set new standards in the security and safety industry and be recognised for it in this competitive arena.