Our Policies


HelexZone ACN: 135 204 321 is bound by the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

Any information that we collect on what our clients read access or volunteer by staff members or by other resources, such as site information and/or witness statements. The information we collect is used for internal review, to improve the security and safety of our client’s premises. This information is the sole property of our clients and any disclosure of such information shall only be attained with the written permission of the General Manager of the site.

Any and all works the Security Department conducts, whether it is paperwork, computer files, customer calls and/or customer interaction belongs to HelexZone. As such, those works are always subject to review by HelexZone whether it is stored electronically, on paper or in any other form. In addition, business related equipment including computers; desks and logbooks belong to our clients and are subject to search and/or investigation.

E-mail and other computer related files provided by our clients are to be used for business purposes only. Use of the clientele computer and/or telephone for personal reasons is strictly prohibited and all computer access codes must be available to our clients at all times. HelexZone and our clients reserves the right to enter, search and monitor the computer files or e-mail of any Security Officer, without advance notice for business purposes, such as investigating theft, disclosure of confidential business or proprietary information, personal abuse of the system or monitoring workflow or productivity.


HelexZone ACN: 135 204 321, strives to maintain an environment where all staff members will work free from harassment in accordance with the NSW Anti Discrimination Act 1977.

Harassment includes inappropriate conduct, which is unwelcome, demeaning, unreciprocated, intimidating and/or offensive against an individual or a group of people.

All harassment, which is sexual or sex based, racial or relates to a person's marital status, disability, age, pregnancy or sexual preference will not be tolerated in the workplace.

It is the responsibility of any employee who is subject to and/or witness to any harassment, to report such incidents directly to his/her Site Security Supervisor/Manager In their absence, the employee is to contact Senior Company Management or the Managing Director.  An investigation of the alleged harassment will be conducted and, if warranted, appropriate corrective action will be taken.  

No disciplinary action will be taken without a thorough investigation of the facts, including a notarised statement from the staff member.

The display of this signed policy symbolises our commitment to providing a harassment free environment.


HelexZone ACN 135 204 321, acknowledges and accepts its responsibility to implement practices consistent, as far as is reasonably practicable, with the requirement of the NSW Anti Discrimination Act 1977.

HelexZone is an equal opportunity employer.  All staff members are treated on their merits, without regard to race, age, sex, marital status or any other factor not applicable to the position.  Staff members are valued according to how well they perform their duties and their ability and enthusiasm to maintain company standards of service.

Under Federal and State anti-discrimination laws, discrimination in employment on the following grounds is against the law;

•  Sex
• Impairment
•  Sexual Preference
• Religion
•  Pregnancy
* Trade Union Activity
• Age
• Social Original
• Marital Status
• Race
•  Political Belief
•  Parental Status

Any reports of discrimination will be treated seriously and investigated promptly, confidentially and impartially.  Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who discriminates against a co-worker, staff member of a client or guest of a client. Discipline may involve warning, transfer, counselling, demotion or dismissal, depending on the circumstances.

What to do if you are discriminated against:  

Advise your Site Security Supervisor/Manager, or the Managing Director, or Senior Company Management or contact the Anti-Discrimination Board.

The display of this signed policy symbolises our commitment to providing an environment, which is free from discrimination in any form.

Drug & Alcohol

HelexZone ACN 135 204 321, is committed to complying with federal and state legislation to provide a safe and healthy environment for all staff and for the clientele’s premises. Similarly, all staff members have a responsibility for their own health and safety and the health and safety of the people with whom they work.

The aim of this policy is to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of possible injury and/or potential negative effects resulting from alcohol and drug use and/or abuse in the workplace.

Staff members with drug and alcohol problems can damage their physical and mental health and may cause injury to themselves and others.  Some drugs, even in very low doses, can affect the capacity of an employee to carry out their duties.

It is prohibited for all staff members to consume or work under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs whilst on duty. The consumption of alcohol at any designated premises is permitted only with specific approval of the Managing Director or Senior Company Management.

Appropriate use of prescribed drugs is permitted, provided work performance is not affected.  Staff members required to take prescribed drugs which may have notable side effects are required to notify the Managing Director or Senior Company Management prior to commencing work.

The consequences for any team member found contravening this policy will be in accordance with HelexZone disciplinary policy.

HelexZone acknowledges that on some occasions at the workplace and/or personal lifestyle stresses can contribute to drug and alcohol use and abuse, and is committed wherever possible, to the provision of employee support through the Senior Management of the company.

The display of this sign symbolises our commitment to providing a drug and alcohol free environment.


The aim of this Environmental Policy is to provide for its employees and the wider community a level of environmental management and control that is in line with community expectations and legal and license requirements.

This policy is applicable to the workplace, all security personnel, and staff of our clients, contractors and suppliers.

The aim is to comply with all relevant environmental legislation by ensuring that sound environmental management systems are in place and all management and employees are aware of their responsibilities and are provided with the knowledge skills and resources to meet our obligations.

Our commitment will be demonstrated by maintaining procedures to minimise our impact on the environment and prevent pollution with full cooperation of employees at all levels within the organisation.

Occupational Health and Safety

HelexZone ACN: 135 204 321, acknowledges and accepts its responsibility to provide, as far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy workplace in accordance with the provisions of the OH&S Act, 2000 No. 40.

The aim of ALL HelexZone staff members is the continued implementation, maintenance and consultation (between employer and employee) of a healthy and safe environment and a high level of welfare within our client establishments.

It is also the responsibility of ALL HelexZone staff members to support and encourage the Occupational Health & Safety Committee and its representative/s in its role of ensuring the highest standard of occupational health, safety and rehabilitation in the workplace.

HelexZone Management gives the highest priority to the committee and the staff involvement and commitment to the health, safety and welfare of all staff members, the Client, guests and its visitors.

Our OH&S diagram symbolises our commitment to providing an environment, which is conducive to our safe operation. 


Implement and make these actions well known and maintain these actions


Develop a OHS policy  including goals in the workplace


Evaluate and measure the results and do those things that will prove results


Develop and implement programs an procedures that achieve OHS goals.



Consult with employees on all OHS matters and new procedures.



Identify hazards, assess and eliminate or control the risks.



Inform, instruct, train and supervise employees and client guests/visitors



Code of Ethics

Code of ethics as set by the Institute of Security Executives Inc.

This code of ethics must be observed at all times. Its observance shall create a feeling of trust and goodwill.

The integrity and reliability of ourselves must be beyond reproach because of the confidential and responsible nature of the profession.

If called upon to give evidence or to speak on a matter of fact in the practice of the profession a guard shall report what he/she knows or believes to be the truth.

A guard shall neither maliciously, negligently nor improperly injure directly or indirectly the reputation, prospects, or business of another profession.

Guards shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner which shall not, without proper justification, prejudice in any way the interests or the reputation of the Client and its employees.

A guard shall not accept instructions or business in connection with the profession of Security Consultant on the basis that no charge will be made unless a successful result is achieved.

The relationship between a guard and his principal shall at all times be fiduciary, and the guard shall not disclose information confided in him in the course of his practice by his principal without the consent of the principal.

A guard shall not offer or receive any improper financial or other inducement to secure or accept instructions.

Company Guarantee

We at Helex Zone P/L ACN: 135 204 3214 will NOT undertake the seven (7) corporate sins.

1. EGO -The belief that one (1) person can drive a company.
2. GLUTTONY - The conviction that the product pasture is always greener on the other side.
3. IMPATIENCE - The drive to build a company too quickly 
4. LUST - Word of mouth can build credibility, but can just as quickly take it away. 
5. IGNORANCE - Refusal to take good advice.
6. HUBRIS - Empire building with no thought for mounting debt or overheads. 
7. AVARICE - A desire for power and profit without planning.

General Company Rules

Any breaches to these rules will result in disciplinary procedures being enacted.

Mobile Phones:
• The use (other than emergency and/or contacting senior management) of your personal mobile phones while on duty in front of house areas is strictly prohibited.
• While on duty your mobile phone shall be on silent/vibrate mode only.
• We understand that a friend and/or family may contact you on your mobile phone (voice and/or text) but we request that any conversations be limited to a couple of minutes and that phones be set under silent mode.

Client Phones:
• The use of client phones for private use is strictly prohibited.
• If at any time you are required to make a call from a client phone land line, please ensure that you use the company telephone control sheet to state that you have logged and used this privilege.

• Friends and/or family members shall not visit you at any HelexZone site (unless for emergency cases), whilst you are on duty.
• Car parking on client property is strictly for use only when on duty.

• It is the company policy that the invitation of HelexZone staff members, by client staff, to either any in house function or outside gathering is prohibited.
• Once your shift is concluded you have thirty (30) minutes to leave the premises.
• While off duty you are not allowed to visit or attend any client property without the permission of either the 
Managing Director and/or Senior Company Management.
• If you would like a cheaper rate to be able to stay at one of our client sites (for a special occasion) speak to Senior Company Management to arrange the discount rate.
• If our client is selling any products and/or furniture and you would like to purchase such items, again speak to Senior Company Management.

• Due to the industry we work in, we cannot stress the importance that any information received and/or heard from our clients is kept with severe confidentiality.
• Any gossip and/or rumours that a client’s staff may bestow upon you,  is not to be relayed to anyone (even to fellow HelexZone employees) except to the Managing Director and/or Senior Company Management. 
• Conversations to client staff members shall be restricted to common everyday remarks.
• Extensive time in a conversation with the client staff member is prohibited.

Tendering Indicator

If HelexZone, ACN: 135 204 321 cannot offer a satisfactory answer to all the ten (10) points below; we are not the company to meet your needs!
1.    Client Relationship
2.    Know the decision-maker
3.    Understanding the competition
4.    Reputation of the tender
5.    Experience of the tender
6.    Price of service offered
7.    Specific benefits
8.    Clarity of the solution
9.    Understanding the issues
10.  The team