Security Management

Security Systems.

The term “Security Management” is generally thought of in broad terms.  HelexZone sees it as being the foundation of ensuring an organisations security, risk, OH&S and compliance.  It is generally thought, and accurately so, through Security Management that such things as guidelines, policies, standards and procedures are created and implemented into an organisation.

At HelexZone, we can do this and a whole lot more:

• Through the recommendation of Security manpower, physical security issues can be addressed.
• Through the introduction of Risk Assessment and Risk analysis, threats, risks and non-compliance issues are identified.
• Through Occupational Health & Safety auditing, safety concerns can be identified and rectified.
• Through the recommendation of Security Infrastructure (CCTV, Access Control), that accountability and Public Liability issues can be addressed.

At its basis, Security is the Freedom from risk or danger, and through Security Management, those risks and dangers can be identified and corrected.

Emergency Procedures

The purpose of the emergency manual is to minimise and/or contain a hazard to the smallest possible area by having an effective preventative programme, together with an effective emergency crew in-house 24 hours a day. The prevention and detection of fires, hazards to life and property is everyone's responsibility.

HelexZone can also offer tailored on-site assessments for any client and for any type of risk that the client has identified.  These include:

• Staff Surveillance
• Electronic Office Surveillance
• Undercover Employees
• Mystery Guest
• Staff Integrity Assessments
• Operational Assessments
• Money Handling operational assessments
• Occupational Health & Safety Assessments
• Liquor and Gaming Act Assessments
• Security Act Assessments
• Workplace Fraud
• Risk Management Audits
• Compliance Audits

All unbiased and non-discriminatory reports and assessments are directed, confidentially to the client.

What Else can We Provide:

• Training of the Organisations staff in both security and safety awareness.
• Standard Operating Procedures for the Organisations security department. 
• Risk Management Audit - Organisations Operations. 
• Risk Management Audit - Hazards. 
• Risk Management Audit - Occupational Health & Safety. 
• Install security equipment. 
• SWOT Report - in security and Organisations staff aspect. 
• Crisis Management Planning for Organisations. 
• Organise the supply of security equipment at trade price. 
• Fire & Emergency manuals and procedures. 
• Harm Minimisation Manual for Licensed Department.